What souvenirs when traveling to Da Nang?


Travel, many people still prefer to have a souvenir to keep to where they had come, the meaningful gift for friends and family. What should purchase souvenirs when traveling to Da Nang? Dranahotel will suggest you the typical souvenirs of Da Nang, and places to sell them.


1. Feng shui stone - stone handicraft village of Non Nuoc

From long stone village of Non Nuoc craft was famous and attract more tourists to visit and shop. Products Non Nuoc stone carving is very diverse and abundant. Besides the common utensils, primitive everyday life as pestle, mortar, the jewelry is very beautiful, delicate, full of color, such as bracelets, rings, beads. These decorative items, office items like the stone frog paperweight so blue posters, theater for couples lion, the eagle's outstretched wings, the pair of angelfish or pink marble ink. etc. ... these statues are extremely exquisite, full sizes, from tall statue of tens of centimeters to the giant statue of the higher truth. The art products of the Non Nuoc stone village is meaningful mementos of landscapes by foot visitors present in many parts of the world.


Many tourists chose to visit the country's Non place to buy souvenirs this product. Dranahotel propose to your visitors that do not buy this at Non Nuoc stone statues so very expensive here, and visitors can cost you big money if you do not know a bargain. Please purchase products at Non Nuoc stone statues Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Hung Vuong. There are many stores selling this product. To small depending on type from 20 thousand to 500 thousand. Dranahotel also recommend that you should not buy too big, you take away will be difficult because of very heavy stones.

2. Embroideries craft:

In Da Nang, this item is not mainstream but visitors still find this item at the souvenir shop. Embroideries including embroidery, tablecloths, hand towels, upholstery types, or bottle coasters, cups. Tourists arriving Danang prefer embroidered paintings of the Han River, Marble Mountain, Non Nuoc, they eat, etc. Bana ... It is also meaningful gifts for travelers travel Danang friends and family. The souvenirs are sold in the souvenir shop of Danang as:


3. Paintings, drawings or pictures Landscape Da Nang:

Paintings, photographs Da Nang style. business cards printed with the Han river, Cham inflammation. Marble is also a great souvenir. The places where tourists stop to buy these products is in line gallery Trung Nu Vuong, Hoang Dieu ... Also there embroidery oil painting, lacquer kinds, many sizes.

4. The products of the other local

In addition to local produce, Da Nang also supply many items from local products such as malt you Quang Ngai, fresh fruit seasons, Sesame Hue, fruits, dried flowers, flower postcards Da Lat dry, plaster souvenir Southeast, rattan baskets, Bat Trang ceramics

In major markets like puppies Danang, South Market .... Products are sold souvenirs characteristics. Or at exhibitions and fairs of tourism in Da Nang Pham Van Dong beach. You can also walk visitors Danang sightseeing and shopping offline. Take note and become wise consumers offline!

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