Why buy handicrafts Vietnam


Vietnam Handicraft items are made by hand and mind of the artist. Material is mainly bamboo, rattan, coconut, wood, shell .... health and safety of valuable art not the least among the countries of the world.
Bring value and use of high art
It is possible for people in the country, there are still many people love to use crafts and art as works of art. However, with many foreigners, they respect and understand the value of each work to look at it.
For example, the basket is shaped such bikes. But it's small but the flower and put it in the reception desk, it will become more charming and beautiful.
Or some kind of concrete tray of wine, tea, if we just look at ourselves angle it just right so do its responsibility, but sometimes, you can be creative and turn it into something even more wonderful world.
Safety for the user's health
Due mainly made from bamboo, rattan, rush, coconut, wood, shell .... is from natural ingredients so it is safe to use.
You can replace plastic bowls, ceramic bowls, plastic spoons China with Vietnam's bamboo bowl, Bat Trang ceramic bowl ... our products better than many Chinese designs are increasingly improved not inferior to other countries.
Because the bamboo and rattan products from our very safe, aesthetic so please support the customer Vietnam Vietnam to protect their health and loved ones.

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