Young people indifferent to "the village"


The Red River Delta is the percentage of land occupations. Many villages have a history of several hundred years, has a brilliant past. However, according to research by the Institute for Family and Gender (Academy of Social Sciences Vietnam), youth today are far from tradition and reason have no desire for anything other than high income.

Escape to higher income

The study titled "Orientation values of adolescents and youth villages in the Red River Delta villages sustainable development" by Master Truong Thi Thu Thuy and colleagues conducted in 2013, on the basis of 4 survey in Phu Vinh village (Ha Noi), Phu Lang (Bac Ninh), compassion, Spring Float (Hung Yen). Coverage of research is not extensive but the results show outline of concern about the trend of young people choosing a career in the traditional villages of the Red River Delta. According to the survey results, many industries are adolescents, youth (VTN, TN) is the highest rated education (18.2%), the second is health care (16.5%) and the third is business (13.6%), only 5% of the VTN, TN appreciation craft group.



Talking about the career choices of young workers, Truong Thi Thu Thuy Master said, though the family is worth the Vietnam TN majority interest than any other values in life, but when making situation must be considered between income working normally but is close to home with the right to work away from home away from home but do higher income to 47.2% VTN, TN respondents chose labor migration to high-income; 18.6% only option to work close to home though are subject to ordinary income. Unknown number of baffling should "go far or near" the relative proportion - 26.2%. So, think love family, love must be attached villages, living and working in small hometown exist in the adolescent generation, TN today. The study also showed that 72.7% VTN, TN enjoy working in the capital or major cities by the working conditions there better work bring higher real incomes and better living conditions.

The research team noted that in the villages they surveyed, grade school-aged adolescents have engaged in outside school hours, but only with significant help their parents is key, not necessarily apprenticeship to the story future. Many children brought in another career they want, a life not tied to the craft. Among TN are employed, there are also dedicated to her craft, really love my job, but when asked if a career in the long run or not, are those of the conservative attitude. A 53-year-old artisan in the village of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan (Ha Noi) said: "In this village there are still people who sat knitting, but it's the older ones, do some knitting TN in the remaining few. after 10 years from now, when people are sitting knitting class today older, he did not have the time to do anymore, the village will lose ".

Barriers to traditional

Difficulties of the present village not only in the consumer market shrinking, but also the limitations of funding and difficulty seek loans from banks, sources and material scarcity expensive, hard work ... the things that make many want a living TN, want to stick with the job but was deterred. It is easy to understand by the demands everyday life is not guaranteed, it is difficult to say to passion profession, preserving traditional crafts. NTL ceramic artisans, 31, who Phu Lang (Bac Ninh) said: "When you compare yourself with other TN, I saw you guys harder. Much time working, mostly to do all day, many rainy night still have to get up for every run, so that only the income and employment in the industrial park. general trend of young people are still learning now, if not the learning achieved by the TN in here still trying to work out, very few people stay. "

These discussions show that the village artisans willing to teach secrets, the sophisticated techniques contribute to the unique identity of each village home products, but few people attended. The young worker was busy chasing the market, the commodities chosen as technically simple but easy to consume, they do not want to learn advanced techniques. It goes without saying that the role of the artist is only promoting the profession in the transmission, even in career orientation and job creation in order to attract young workers to stick with the most professional artisan "any force converts your mind. "Real power is by right the artisans also difficulties in keeping jobs, finding ways to live on their work. Some artists only smaller orders, enough to support her family; even the artists who have to go for other jobs, not to mention job creation - income to keep TN in the traditional industry. A 53-year-old artist, in Phu Lang, told the team: "Of course tomorrow the market will have a correction, but who knows how it will, therefore, if the others do just do it ".

Young labor force participation to maintain and develop traditional craft, but, for a living, most have chosen another profession, living and working environments other. Stories in villages Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, as noted above, can also happening in many other places, certainly in the long term negative consequences for maintaining orientation and development Vietnam traditional village. The researchers suggest that, for young workers attached to the profession, state policies should be a priority, encouraging occupational forces of local children; issued preferential policies more suited to the traditional artisan villages - to the title of artist is not "really very useful list". And most important of all is to find support village "exit" stable.

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