Accessories made of rattan, bamboo, sedge for country girls


Sedge hats, sneakers cloudy, sedge handbag, bamboo will give your daughter a style of pastoral simplicity.

In the glorious sunshine of summer, choosing outfits to suit the weather is very much interested girlfriend. Even so comfortable, airy feel created especially there own style is the distribution criteria in the choice of furniture as well as costumes, accessories. If you want to become a "country girl" with folk materials such as rattan, bamboo, sedge, you just look through this form accessories okay!
<> Helmet cool summer day
With materials of bamboo, high ventilation will cause your hair will not get sweaty. With the wide-brimmed hat, it is a "tool" perfect shade.

Advantages of the helmet is cool by making material products.

Sedge hats also have a lot of colors for you to choose.

Wide-brimmed helmet will help you avoid the summer sun. Interestingly, a wide-brimmed hat rush can be combined with many different patterns tutu.

Helmet will create stylish simplicity of the countryside for his girlfriend.
<> Bags rush for gentle feeling
Cutting the heavy leather bag, the bag has snakeskin prints or fur is made to wait for chilly autumn. And the weather's sweltering summers, you should use the bag model, for simplicity.
For rush, bamboo bags are also rich in colors and designs, you can freely choose to store personal belongings as well as their beauty.

Basket bamboo is combined with leather straps and metal accessories will give you the unique sample bags, beautifully.

Many designs, different models of products shade handbag will make her like handicrafts fascinated.

For rush with pink ribbons decorated with leather material.

<> Shoe Racks cloud light footsteps upgrade
Had sedge hats, bamboo bags, why not choose a pair of shoes soles beautiful clouds. With its rattan material you will get a heavy feeling, moreover it also helps you get ton sur ton style perfectly.

Shoe is made from clouds, not as light as the shoe straps are designed with the diverse and rich fabrics, leather.

 Point cloud impressive sneakers is a unique design, harmony of the shoelaces.

Hot summer day with the fear of what accessories are made from nature. Bags, wallets, shoes, hats made from rattan, bamboo, sedge spoiled you combine them with a short skirt patterns, floral skirts, tutu, and even with shorts and not "allergic" to form on accessories .

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