Ben Tre coconut - Doing so unique product


Coconut is not only in Ben Tre, but also in other provinces of Central and South-west. But perhaps coconut adapted, developed many kinds, and the good in the land of Ben Tre three blocks isle at most. And nobody knows coconuts here ever since. Can confirm Ben Tre coconut growing area of the country's largest. Maybe so, but the people of Vietnam to say "See Me Ben Tre coconut". Coconut trees have existed for a long time on the range lands three isles and stick with generations living here and probably also from many stories, many poems have been written associated with people of Ben Tre coconut trees, so everyone see coconut trees in Ben Tre remembered.

Coconuts were practically attached to life, the human material for the sun, rain cover, especially for those who come to Ben Tre land occupants and settlers from the very beginning. Coconut is the cradle for children, is what lifted the sleep of old age. In fact not just "shook frigid bamboo bridge", that "coconut tree" also connects northern boys and girls marry or make love to tighten village, hamlet, fire lights up with each other. Coconut has created for people living on the land three blocks coconut isle with the intimate, speed post, hard to learn, is just tender, medium slender as "long hair flying in the wind", just as strong as "flood water".

Ben Tre coconut it not only attracted by the sweet taste, aroma of coconut, but it also creates the handicraft products made from coconut tree for everyone to admire. From ancient times until now very few trees of value used as coconut trees, stems, stalks, coconut sheath, leaf ... can be used for many different purposes, making a variety of products to consumers use and export.

We can say something involving coconut trees, even the seemingly faulty products leaving, but through the ingenuity of human creativity, the product has become very useful for human life. In particular, the creativity in combination with skillful hands of artisans and hundreds of items of handicrafts was born. Coconut trees are a crop to fruit, so when used as rows of coconut wood crafts coconut trees to choose from 40-50 years of age or older and stiffness characteristics of the goods made crafts very unique, eye-catching. Especially the wood is very unique streaks that other woods can not.

After processing in step forming, must continue to handle moisture, termites. Technology and allows mass hygiene product was launched as household items, toys, souvenirs. Another feature of handicrafts items from coconut, most of the waste products derived from the coconut tree can be utilized to produce souvenir items, fancy decorative and distinctive look carries from Ben Tre. As the stems of coconut, materials seemed to leave him, or from the past only used as cooking fuel by the rural women of Ben Tre, via innovative people took advantage and make the basket with straw coconut used for flower arranging, creating lovely basket of flowers as gifts of the holidays, decorate at the solemn place in the home, restaurants, hotels, .... Rub coconut where the coconut was associated with maternal relatives, after rounding connects to feed coconut, coconut scrub workers will be dried, painted or marked ball, into the basket , lanterns, fancy decoration.

Ben Tre coconut fruit that has beautiful shape, how the twelve animal signs, bad sausage coconut orchid, bird nests, coconut deaf also be left rugby icons and shapes of the three monkeys funny book hand "cover your eyes, cover their ears, cover your mouth" represents the philosophy of the East "does not look bad, not bad words, listening and speaking are harmful to people not say". Coir also being separated from the shell of a coconut, after being cleaned, spinning will be to do all kinds of animal shapes carpet, fish, and not only used domestically but also exported to abroad. Besides coconut shell activated carbon used as fuel, after being processed, polished, trimmed, depending on the requirements of the product, the technician will link to these lovely bags for women, the with coconut wood will form the cars, boats and souvenir another petite.

Currently only coconut wood, coconut shell has over five hundred items unique handicrafts such as tea pots, tea cups, fun wine, drinking glass, cup, bowl, chopsticks, forks, spoons, forks, exposure rice prices, property for non-stick pans, vases, boxes of business cards, jewel cases, cigarette cases, ashtrays, candlesticks, cyclos, cars, tools massage, hawksbill, bud calves, football, swimming Lot, shrimp, crab, chicken, fish, frogs, storks, lanterns, handbags, .... Each item has many different models to suit the object, with the space environment. Everyone can buy to decorate and use in the kitchen, the dining table to the bedroom, living room luxury; baby toys, to brooches, hair combs for women, stick to the old, from the home to the luxurious place. These handicraft items made from coconut trees are not only used domestically, but has outreach to consumers in many countries around the world such as China, Taiwan, France, USA, Japan, ... Information in the form of exports and tourism.

In Ben Tre, no name of a craft village handicrafts from coconut, which can only name Handicraft Villages in Phuoc Long, coconut straw basket weaving village in Hung Phong (snails), but in these villages are producing handicraft items. Also, in Ben Tre many households also produced for sale or as a satellite facility for the production of business, the company exports crafts.

Handicraft goods in Ben Tre is also produced in tourism destinations Con Phung (Tan Vinh hamlet, Tan Thach commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province). So when visiting Con Phung, after learning about Dao Dua, visitors can stroll along the extended route from beginning to end alcohol alcoholic. Along the way, will see the large pavilion, small roadside decorated with handicrafts products from the coconut tree is very unique. Inside the house was where the people producing the products of handicrafts for sale to tourists. The main products is in Con Phung body products made from coconut, coconut shell. Here, people can learn the production process to create consumer products, souvenirs from coconut trees.

Different from Con Phung, villages in Hung Phong Commune screws, Giong Trom district, besides producing handicrafts from coconut trunk and shell of a coconut, craft-Con Real Estate was launched products are made from the stems of coconut, coconut scrub chamber.

It can be said from the land of coconut trees in Ben Tre, from the main part to all the subsections of coconut trees, helped give birth to so many of the products made from coconut is very unique and attractive. The craftsmen in Ben Tre coconut with deft hands, along with various innovative ideas have created the products rich handicrafts with high art. These products have contributed to improve the overall value of coconut trees in Ben Tre; enrich and beautify cultural characteristics Ben Tre coconut on the ground. Customers handicrafts from coconut helped introduce Ben Tre coconut image to friends near and far in abroad. These products not only the beauty of life, the native coconut, but for the whole country of Vietnam and there, but has spread all over the world.