Crafts Ben Tre coconut constantly evolving


It is no coincidence that in the Philippines we call the coconut tree "tree of life". In Malaysia, coconut is called "tree has thousands of uses." Also in the Vietnam coconut, coconut to use in 1001. 
Through the skillful hands, from the trunk of coconut, coconut shell, coconut, coconut shell, coconut scrub, plus coconut, coconut ... after how many follicles for all items of handicrafts was born. From kitchen utensils, dining table, bedroom, living room, combs for ladies, clubs for the elderly until things artistic symbols, bold aesthetics and Oriental philosophy. 
Today, the product of Ben Tre "go to market" is the closest China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos and beyond the U.S., France, Canada, Australia. 
The economic value of the benefits they bring more significant for workers, create jobs, raise incomes, contributing to the enrichment of their homeland.

The "witch coconut" with the first exports 
Ben Tre is tens basis as handicrafts and caliber products exported to many countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. 
Maybe tell a few units typically Thanh Binh Co., basis Hung Tien, Tran Ngoc Tuan, Phuc Sang (Chau Thanh), handicraft establishments Bank School, meditation center, private enterprises Yen Thanh, Thanh My (Ben Tre city), Fine Art Thanh Liem (Mo Cay Nam), Thanh Nhan (Giong Trom), ... 
In addition, there are types of cooperative enterprises established in Phuoc Long (Giong Trom) and Fill Quoi commune (Thanh Phu). 
Each facility has on more than a dozen other active satellites are scattered throughout the district. 
Speaking of coconut artistic incarnations of living things with much diversified, first to mention one of the first person is his school bag by the Bank with the coconut leaf stalks (instead of raw rattan bamboo). Products launched in 1987. 
One day, he accidentally Trinh Van Y - Vice Chairman to visit time and see instant he solemnly told the School Bank (Ten Bar): "This is the intellectual property of Ben Tre, you must preserve and promotion, we will support. "

His words are worth marking his successful road Banking School, and the entire industry producing coconut handicrafts in general! 
People from the place or on the basis of information has poured his free way to learn basket making. Especially people of Hung Phong, Phuoc Long (Giong Trom) has now developed into a village craft basket with coconut stems. 
This item is for domestic consumption, in 1994, it was officially exported to Taiwan. 
Type of production has been identified as one of the key economic sectors for the people of the two communes gradually reduce poverty, create jobs and income for thousands of local workers. 
Mr. Nguyen Van Chien - Vice Chairman of the Cooperative Hung Phong told every one of this attack can make 7 thousand baskets. They are increasingly favored by the market will be used to replace plastic packaging, help protect the environment and ensure the health of consumers. So, every year, where there are millions of products being moved through intermediaries to export.
Form imaginable, including that in film, animation, journalism is the "skilled farmers' decision honed, shaped to be crafted from hundreds of unique products using coconut instead of other materials such as timber, plastic, aluminum, porcelain. 
Resources created are endless coconut products produced by other people based on the idea of promoting the value of their use in everyday life, from kitchen utensils to office supplies, toys, pp. interior, building, ... 
Through market assessment, most institutions have identified this trend, more and more furniture occupies a certain position instead of industrial products. 
In particular, both of coconut trees unique than the others by its timber basis, so typical things that can not be replaced; is both a symbol of the proud country, meaning attached to Ben Tre people both past and present. 
On the other hand, this is art items so their value can be up to tens of million / products. 
Crafts on coconut sugar exports 
The economic model has been replicated contributing to comply with the policy of "shallow cups estate diaspora". However, because most of the workers come from farmers enlist idle time to earn extra income is limited to the style conscious workers. 
Typically the money, do not, have money, or just for a holiday party but neighbors off workers en masse. Including their responsibility for creating products did not have a specific rule. 
Moreover, the attitude just as happy, satisfied with the results achieved long day lead to the establishment's reputation and product sophistication Day eroded value products on the market also diminished. This is the reason why many traders afraid to put long-term export contracts with many small manufacturing facility in the area. 
And all Campuses Bank, Mr. Ten Thanh said that the concept of labor here is still the "do more" to less investment management capabilities, development plans, study skills development, applied technology in a number of sewing machines and simple in order to save the production, raise productivity in the same unit of time. 
On the other hand, although overseas markets consume 70 to 80% of the production line of handicrafts from Ben Tre coconut, but the majority of producers and traders are very genuine concerns "the vast market butt which is unstable sources, in terms of both the number of quality ". 
Derived from unhealthy competition between production facilities, production costs are lower than dragging down the market. 
And product quality also decreased. The expression of the low-quality goods are quickly mold, broken, burst, exposure ... 
Furthermore, the psychological buyers are inexperienced, or buy in a "capture shock" to higher export profits would choose cheaper goods is concerned about durability, sophistication of the product. 
Fine art establishment owners Integrity real concern for the manufacturing sector as this sector of the market in a few years if such a state for a long time. 
The only way to attract and retain long-term customers is the basis of acceptance to sell cheap consumer goods, but has also tried to ensure product quality and reputation to build more creative new proprietary form the basis for the appeal of buyers. 
Objectively, the extraction of coconut byproducts should not follow the same planning time can not provide enough raw materials to produce the amount of product for large contracts. 
However, the future will not lack material for coconut growing chorus gone - cut down. 
It is important that small and medium enterprises need to be aware to stand on their own feet. 
Workers need to change the style conscious as well as in labor occupations. 
The production is not only a passion that is enough to invest more in commercial competitiveness to stimulate economic effect of increasing line of business outreach. 
Besides, the protection of industrial property rights also need to have effective measures to protect the brand as well as to facilitate and enhance the protection of workers' rights in order to encourage and attract workers, technology promote human creativity, improve product quality.