Every craft: small products, great value


Timber industry back "home" 
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Secretary General Woodworking Crafts and Ho Chi Minh City (HAWA), said the business this long (DN) rushed into exports, barely even look at what the market water. In fact, many companies are "lemon" for a local customer that orders for smaller, less profitable than exports. However, according to the incomplete statistics, at present domestic sales of firms producing handicrafts (TCMN) was equal to export revenue, estimated at $ 3.4 billion / year. This shows that, the domestic market is really big and hard enterprises have more interest. 
Mr. Nguyen Ton Quyen, general secretary of the Association of Vietnam Timber and Forest said besides back "home", currently Vietnam's furniture is increasingly popular in the United States, Japan, China, European countries (EU), the Middle East ... export of processed wood products in Vietnam 9 months of 2011 reached $ 3 billion, up 17% compared to the same period last year. With the current momentum, turnover in the wood could reach $ 4 billion, far exceeding the performance in 2010, when the first of our country's timber exports turnover reached 3.4 billion dollars, soared to the top Southeast Asia and 10th in the world. 
However, at present, the timber exporters are incurring two major problems, which is the most difficult to depend on imported raw materials. According to Mr. Right, after having a "closed forest", to enter the country each year to 4 million cubic meters of timber from Laos, Africa and other countries. Lack of raw material prices coupled with growing imports of wood furniture Vietnam makes it difficult to compete with the products of other countries in the region have an advantage because they are available from local timber. 
Another drawback is the difficulty of proving the law requires "background" material wood. In particular, the Lacey Act (United States) 1/4/2010 prohibited from selling timber and timber products into the United States illegally, forcing companies to submit declarations, clear proof of name, type of wood , water logging, mining ... how's forest Stewardship Council sustainable world (referred to as FSC certified). From May 1/2012, enterprises have to bear more of the EU FLEGT Act, also requires lots of furniture imported into the EU must be transparent and clear about the origin. So, Mr. Right said that to ensure raw material "clean", we need to gradually reduce import wood. 
Accordingly, the State should create mechanisms for forest investment companies. Government should review the specialized areas concentrated material with large scale investment solutions to scientific and technological research, selection of varieties with high yield, good quality, have characteristics consistent with industrial production to meet the demand for raw materials in the domestic and export. 
Besides, to ensure credibility for wood products, the State should also strictly controlled wood sources transferred from the parent company overseas companies invested overseas in Vietnam to prevent evasion evading taxes and origin of wood. 
Small product, great value 
Compared with some other items such as garments, wood and leather shoes ... then TCMN industry really great value. With raw materials are collected from agricultural residues and forestry (raw and auxiliary materials import estimates only account for 3-3.5% of exports), most TCMN items reached 100% of the remaining achieve at least 80% on the value of localization in exports. It is estimated that every $ 1 million, the industry's export TCMN rates 5-10 times higher than the resource mining industry; 3,000-5,000 jobs for workers ... 
To promote the value of goods TCMN well as enhance the sector's share in exports, recently the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved the export scheme TCMN 2010-2015. Accordingly, striving to end 2015, export turnover reached $ 1.6 billion TCMN. In particular, exports rattan industry reached 530 million, accounting for 30%, textiles, handicrafts reached 270 million, accounting for 17% ... 
However, for small products can provide great value, we need specific solutions, which need special attention to the planning, exploration and resource development, training, improve skills all the way to the labor force, trade promotion ...