Hoi An Handicraft Workshop


Hoi An Handicraft Workshop keeps an incredible collection of traditional handicrafts. Tourists will actually find all kinds of arts and crafts from brocade weaving, textile, pottery or lacquer ware here.

Hoi An - World Cultural Heritage owns unique cultural characteristics which are not easily found elsewhere. It is home to interference of many cultures in the region. Thanks to its location and beauty, tourists coming Hoi An Ancient Town will comfortably admire unique architectural works remained along with delicious traditional dishes. However, it will be a big deficiency if handicraft villages are not mentioned. Handcraft in Hoi An has been also significantly developed. Most of tourists coming Hoi An spend their scheduled time exploring the famous handicraft workshops. Hoi An Handicraft Workshop has been preserved sophisticated technical sculptures; simultaneously, it has also gathered 12 traditional handicrafts in the region together. It is typical handicraft workshop in Hoi An Ancient Town, as well as a potential tourist attraction in Hoi An.


Coconut shells in Hoi An Handcraft Workshop

Coconut shells in Hoi An Handcraft Workshop - Source: Image from Panoramio

Hoi An Handicraft Village converges quintessences of Quang Nam handicraft villages, which is established by the spirit and perspectives of the Quang Nam people in general and Hoi An in particular. Handicrafts in Hoi An was born from the 15-16 century and increasingly grew. Not only contributing artistic values for the region, products of Hoi An Handicraft Village are followed by traders going abroad. The traditional handicraft together with its precious experiences handed down for centuries from generations to generations. It has reached the level of virtuosity, which contributes to enrich the cultural arts of Hoi An. Coming to Hoi An, tourists will actually immerse in a tranquil and peaceful scenery of a Vietnam village and witness ingenious hands and great skills of artisans, who create excellent and sophisticated products. They are talented and dexterous hands of Kim Bong carpenters, Thanh Ha pottery artisans... These masterly artisans have contributed to spread the beauty of Hoi An and preserved its unique cultural characteristics as well.


A worshop in Hoi An handicraft

A worshop in Hoi An handicraft - Source: Image from Flickr

Undergoing for long time, along with the development of modern technology, these craft villages had increasingly eroded and gradually drifted into oblivion. Fortunately, Hoi An resurrects the handicraft workshop to store and preserve the ancient craft handicrafts and precious art techniques. Simultaneously, it keeps essences of the intangible cultural heritage. Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is beneath Phi Yen ancient house and also the specified attraction in almost travel to Hoi An. The workshop currently is home to 12 operating craft villages: carpentry, pottery, art lanterns, rattan and bamboo, conical hats, mats, weaving, embroidery, garments, lacquer ware, woodcarvings... All of products here are verified with high quality and best techniques. Not only serving domestic demands, a great number of items such as lanterns, decorative candelabras, lacquer have also exported abroad, contributing to spread the Vietnam art and culture to international friends.


Handicraft in Hoi An

Handicraft in Hoi An - Source: Image from Flickr

Tourists to Hoi An Handicraft Workshop will have a chance to admire Phi Yen 200-year-old Chinese ancient house with its unique architecture. Besides, tourists can witness artisans of 12 handicrafts directly making the subtle products from their skillful hands. In addition, tourists also participate in some stages to make up those unique handicrafts, or buy themselves handicrafts items as a gift, as souvenirs or daily supplies... Especially, coming here, tourists have a chance to contemplate folk art performances of Quang Nam and central adjacent provinces including music, dances and songs, which is represented within the workshop's campus. These traditional art shows is actually a special gift right in the handicraft workshop. It is excellent programs that tourists should not miss when coming to the handicraft workshop. In particular, tourists could be a part of the shows, which take place at 10:15 am every day apart from Sunday.


Artisan at Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

Artisan at Hoi An Handicraft Workshop - Source: Image from Flickr

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is not only a convergence of traditional handicrafts, but also gathers and enlivens numerous cultural characteristics in Hoi An. Living up to its name, the handicraft workshop is the definitive place to experience in Hoi An travel. It partly contributes to promote Hoi An tourism to international friends.