Increase the value chain for handicraft goods


Rapidly developing handicraft industry (handicrafts) is one of the goals of the government to promote economic growth, reduce unemployment in rural areas and enhance exports.

Enrichment opportunities
Under the joint program and commercial production of green aims to increase employment opportunities and income for the rural poor, funded by the Millennium Development Goal funding, will focus on support for over 4,800 poor households handicrafts production and procurement of raw materials in four provinces (Phu Tho, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An). Here are four provinces with high incidence of poverty with 41% of beneficiaries of the program are poor; that especially households of ethnic minorities accounted for 30% of all households and 70% of program participants are women.
The program will focus on five value chains are rattan, mulberry silk, sedge, lacquer, paper crafts. Through which to promote growers, collectors and producers of raw materials, product improvement, find opportunities associated with the potential market to bring the most profit for the people. To implement the program, the organizational units concerned have conducted baseline surveys of households; documenting care and cultivation - harvest rush, rattan, bamboo, mulberry silk, paint, construction paper; design assistance to businesses; research framework for local economic development; specific evaluation of safety and occupational health in four provinces.
Next time, on the basis of mobilizing the synergy of five organizations of the United Nations (FAO, ILO, ITC, UNCTAD, UNIDO) will come together to solve tough to build lasting value chains blue environmentally sustainable, strong links and support poor farmers to create good products, diversity and seek new markets for farmers.
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, if in 2000, export turnover of Vietnam handicrafts items only reached $ 274 million, in 2005 it reached 565 million in 2007 and expected to reach 820 million through 2010 exports of this item will reach 1.5 billion US dollars.
Mr. Le Ba Ngoc - Deputy President of the Vietnam handicrafts exports that handicraft sector has created millions of jobs for local workers, improve living standards and the preservation of traditional crafts. According to Treasure, Vietnam has occupied the international market with a variety of handicrafts items as well as skilled craftsmen with traditional products such as furniture, wood, ceramics, lacquer, silk , embroidery, jewelry ... Although exports of handicrafts sector is not comparable to other industries such as petroleum, textile handicrafts goods ... but has the advantage of low investment cost.
The representative of the United Nations in Vietnam said that the approach of the program is to assist the poor production on the basis of environmental sustainability. Towards the target of the program aims to help growers improve their products, and market linkages to increase profitability. The program also supports small and medium enterprises through the introduction of cleaner production processes (reduce toxic chemicals, waste, pollution), introduce advanced technology and sustainable model for businesses , export orientation and processing; at the same time, reinforce and strengthen the relationship between business establishments and business skills.
According Do Xuan Ha - Deputy Director of Trade Promotion (Ministry of Commerce), since the deployment to date, the program has supported eight projects under the Company completed a comprehensive survey between farmers and producers of goods household crafts. Analysis of the institutional area for local economic development. Organizations surveyed intensive learning experience in Thai Binh province rattan and business capacity of the exporters of handicrafts in Hanoi.