Mrs. Son Son loves making handmade bags


Nguyen Thi Thu Ha cherishes her dream of raising her handbag, so that every woman who uses them is proud of Vietnamese talents.

15 samples of knitting bags, 19 hand-made bag patterns are Ha's fruit, excited to introduce to customers on the first opening day of the store at the end of March. Two numbers are not easy to remember but are in her mind.

"This is not only business but also satisfying my own love for products that retain Vietnam's craftsmanship identity, proving that we can also create high-class products with their own characteristics without losing. What foreign brands ", she said in emotion.

Making that dream is a difficult road to test the liver durability of a woman who first started out in her U50 age.

Three years of fire testing

As the mistress of the famous Son Son company, Ha always cherishes the idea of bringing the brand built by the couple further. A few years ago, the good business situation made the entrepreneurs think about expanding their products so that consumers have more choices when visiting stores.

When going to foreign countries, especially Europe, seeing a lot of handmade fashion goods, Ha thinks that she can do it. With the workshop, the workers are also skilled, so at first she intended to make beach costumes and make slippers and bags for all sets. "I was a little worried because the job was too much, but my husband supported me to do it, so I could boldly do it."

Ha said this time it could be called start-up, because she wanted to build a new brand. With specialized products for women, owner Son Son just stood on one side to support the spirit, and everything was decided by Ha.

You have to do it, not to do it.

That is the motto of Ha. While making the product samples, she remembers having many years of experience with knitting clothes, so she wanted to try on bags. Businesswoman born in 1972 immediately visualized the design, instructing employees to follow the size and shape. The first bag formed after more than a week Ha and the hardworking team tried again and again because it was too new for everyone.

"So beautiful, so cute, so beautiful."

Ha sobbed watching the product ahead of her. By the time the second and third cars were born, she knew that she could not let go because she had fallen in love. Ha even decided to put aside all the original intended products but only made handbags and purses.

However, work in Non Son still needs Ha, while new products are handicrafts, much investment is needed in terms of gray matter, labor, meticulousness and work progress. When she came to the fifth model, Ha felt exhausted and wanted to give up.

“At that time, everything was very difficult because we had to fulfill both sides. Manual bags are a new product, workers have to retrain from scratch because the implementation is very different from hats. But if I give up, I feel guilty because the market will never have a product with a very special niche. ”

With that in mind, Ha is determined to pursue this path. She accepted to spend nearly a year training her own bags. At the age of fourteen, if many people choose a peaceful life, go back to the backstage, the owner of the famous hat brand decides to follow the call of the heart.

 My age at starting a business may be a bit late, but it comes naturally, without the intention. I just thought it was okay to like it, no matter how soon or late.

A beautiful day, the businesswoman thought of the name Ahanaba. I hope that when I mention my handmade bag products, people will feel light, relax like traveling to a beautiful island.

15 samples of knitting bags and 19 samples of hook bags were Ha's three-year achievement. Each sample has a variety of colors, some of which have 15-20 color boards for customers to have more choices for different uses. Many crystal applique can be easily combined with clothes to attend events or night parties.

Each small bag usually takes about 3-5 days to complete, with large bags it takes more than a week. Each stage is made from the hands of craftsmen that she honors to call them "artisans".

Technically, Ha and his colleagues have to do everything by themselves because there is no follow-up on the market. To shape the bag is not easy because the product is seamless, without the connection line, a thread made completely from the beginning to the end, only the zipper is used to assemble the machine.

Everyone just keeps working and editing, the wrong thing is to do it again. Even older people are confused with new products. Just one mistake is needed when you have to remove it all.

She knew that it was very time-consuming for the workers to make the product, and when opening it was a long way. However, Ha still persists and accepts, not sorry because for her, the product must be of the best quality when exported.

“We do it based on three criteria that are trendy, handy to use and durable. When one of the three criteria fails, it cannot be exported. The core of new products is what consumers love, "she explained.

Therefore, each product always has to go through the final inspection with confirmation of Ha's signature before officially launching to ensure quality when reaching consumers.

For her, doing any product should not be easily subjective. Sometimes there are things that customers think are good, but in their role as creators, she always tries her best in making the item as beautiful and durable as possible.

Ahanaba handbags have two main materials. One is a product made from rustic bark, simple with natural tones, colorless and affordable. The remaining variety of colors is formed from synthetic fibers, easy to preserve, when dirty can be mixed into normal washing water or soft scrub brush.

Crafts are not polished, they are only rustic and simple. But those who like will feel the emotion and depth in each product. That is the beauty and personality of crafts.

Ha used to be the head attendant of a famous airline before deciding to join her husband to spend all the time for Non Son.

From a young age, she was a girl with a romantic soul, love art and crafts. When idle, the Ha Noi woman often sits portraying people around her or making clothes for dolls.

By the time she got married, she would occasionally make the effigies herself to illustrate her children in the world famous literary works.

The passion for crafts kept smoldering in Ha's mind but could not accept naming. She only knew she was always fascinated and wanted to buy every time she looked at fancy hand-made items.

Implementing Ahanaba was when Ha discovered a new dream: affirming that Vietnamese handicrafts are not inferior to any other country.

Confident Vietnamese craft bags

As a follower of beauty, Ha is very interested in fashion. Not only related to business, she claimed to be a woman who is passionate about fashion, likes to dress up nicely and "buys" items that help to enhance her own style. The well-designed and diverse bag designs come from her own needs with many activities such as traveling, partying, walking around the street or coffee with friends.

“Every event needs the right costumes and accessories. I hope every woman who wears Ahabana's products or wears them on her own hands can feel confident with a handmade product of the Vietnamese people who have made their own value and depth, ”the businesswoman mind the.

Ha introduced products to customers during the launch of handmade handbags.

Ha said her products are priced from several million to over twenty million because they are handicrafts, requiring meticulous and elaborate steps, the artisans' effort is impossible to count. However, in order for the market to truly understand the value and receive the products, Ha is a long way ahead, not just a day or two.

I only have a dream that more and more people are knowledgeable about the craft industry and cherish and love the products made by artisan hands. That is the pride of Vietnamese people.

Breaking the tradition but still not ignoring modern trends, Ha said he wanted to contribute a hand to affirm the Vietnamese brand name, especially handicrafts with its own depth value.

There are a few suggestions for being a partner of Ahanaba abroad, but Ha said he still prioritizes development first in Vietnam. The plan to conquer the world market is in the vision of 7x businesswoman.

But Ha is not in a hurry, because all is just the beginning.