Palm leaf hat Cuu Nghia



More than 50 years of development , hat eagle let not only meet the domestic market but also exported to 30 countries
Speaking of hats bladder let go , not just the West that international friends all know hat to traditional villages Than Cuu Nghia ( Chau Thanh District , Tien Giang Province ) . Over 50 years , through many ups and downs but still Cuu Nghia commune with hosiery thrilled by the skilled craftsmen of the village .

e arrived complexes located at 459 Van Phuoc Hoa hamlet Body , Cuu Nghia commune - where more than 30 workers are working always on hand to give out the beautiful hats in the markets served by the end of the year . Also deck filled with colored hat makes eagle blue , brilliant red . Ms. Pham Thi Be , all combinations , although 72 years old but still healthy , are busy checking lots of hats recently completed in preparation for export . Pointing to the showroom with over 300 items including hats, bags , baskets , fronts , lined insole ... she said that the products have been exported to other countries. Cam wide-brimmed hats of all colors , she explained : " Hats comes to America , for the costume , also conical exported to Japan , South Korea . Particularly handbags , purses ... then to take France , Spain , Hungary ... " . Look at the products on display around the room , I silently admired her skill in the profession for over 40 years under the hat .
Ms. Pham Thi told : The eagle has put cones let the traditional products of the village are Pham Van Ba Cam Cam - News . Back then , once the forest play , see beautiful leaf , he immediately brought a tear off the hat . No doubt , the test team , the hat is not only cool but also by the pleasant aroma of the fragrant leaf . He then made leaf hats for people in the area when the plow . No doubt , the peasant hats are popular , year-round order . Hosiery eagle let that according to developers . Do not just stop at the hat , the local people also create pillows and payment ... give people the provinces . Like many people in the village , her family Concrete hat now also follow through generations , from grandfather to father and mother to her life . Ms. Beth boasted : " I was 10 years old in a career ."

Meticulous craft

Process leads us hat , her Hoang Mong Thuy Van Phuoc consortium leader , proudly : " Hats eagle let not only durable , but also keep the nice bright colors , no team itchy . To get the latest features such as a finesse of the village people . " In the words of Ms. Thuy leaf in the forest after take , is pulled down into yarn , woven into hats . Then , the cone will be taken to cut , sew edges , molding and stained . Finally, the drying stage , mold processing . " For beautiful hat , pulling it close to hand when knitting the hat not close to being open . Also, after finishing cone drying , handling fire to the rest of the coat stick out on a hat . "

Stained section, as well as a secret of the villagers . Ms. Ho Thi Play , a dyers of the village, said: " When you have to cone dyed in boiling water to color evenly , not patchy . After finishing dyeing , tanning color to penetrate deeply into each leaf nan " . It is at each stage meticulously made hats eagle let not only famous in the region but also to reach out across the country .

Feeding families

This season, in the Cuu Nghia commune , the houses are busy making hats . It is worth mentioning that this does not just stop here in the hat making but also encroach into many other products such as baskets , bags , wallets ... market demand . The last stage as leaf hat , knitting , sewing , dyeing ... also people specialization by skilled craftsmen to create their own strengths .

On average , each year , Cuu Nghia commune exporting more than 10 million products . Hosiery also feed many families in the village for over 50 years. Nguyen Thi Cuc , house number 37/92 Than Cuu Nghia , nearly 30 per day knit hat , said : "On average , every day I earn about 50,000 . But I can not help much but steady income . " But Ms. Pham Thi Yen Hoa hamlet Body , 42 but has a career of nearly 30 years , said: " Technology has fed me for the last time . Thanks to this job that families year-round jobs . "