Planting and processing for straw in Kim Son


Kim Son district has relatively flat topography, river systems along the horizontal facilitate irrigation, washing salt deacidification, manufacturing, transportation and people's lives.

Natural conditions here are suitable for the growth of plants. Jute industry has become a pioneer tree, have high economic value on land newly reclaimed saline coastal estuaries. Quality rush at Kim Son was highly appreciated for their durability, plastic, shiny, beautiful natural fit for processing the handicraft products that require highly sophisticated high.

Kim Son-year population of 170 thousand people (of which 43% follow Christianity). Currently in the U.S. Kim, Kim Tan, Kim Trung, shuttles, town Dawn ... the people residing in 10 provinces to settle. It is the convergence of so many rural areas of cultural identity are diverse but are shaped and sustained clarity Kim Son is human dynamic, strong personality.

Kim Son People living in the cradle particular rush village hundreds of years ago should have sufficient qualities of a true craftsman, a deft hand, responsiveness, flexibility, agility and passionate career. These qualities help them meet the rigorous demands of even the market mechanism. It is natural, economic, social has created growing rush, rush processing in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province is famous far and near the people at home and abroad consumers favored.

Kim Son district has successfully tested germplasm cotton sedge included brown sedge, sedge edges sedge, rush stance white cotton, papyrus imported from Korea and Japan to the selective breeding of white cotton sedge can pose high ratio of length, roundness relative root and tops, chopped dried sedge strength more flexible and potentially more productive, satisfying the diverse needs manufactured goods for export handicraft .

At the same time with the same selection rush, Kim Son district also oversees the planning of technical application of scientific advances irrigation, intensive farming techniques to increase productivity and quality sedge material. In 1995, Kim Son sedge area reached 1,254 hectares with a production of 9,506 tons of dried chopped rush. By 2003, the area was 924 ha, the total output of 12 608 tonnes of dry sedge split.
But then Seagrass acreage rapid decline due to the movement dismantled papyrus conversion to aquaculture (shrimp, crab) have incomes higher value. In 2004, the area was 604 ha in 2007, only 475 hectares remain due to lower raw material prices sedge (average price was only 2000 VND / kg) in the price of inputs: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, labor etc. ... rising. Output rush so only meet one third the number of rush for material processing enterprises, the number of remaining ingredients rush to import from Russia Son - Thanh Hoa.
To proactively rush materials, the province has supported policies to promote rational cultivation, processing rush in the area. These practical measures which not only contributes to limiting the price volatilities in the situation of the global financial crisis, but also contribute to the construction of specialized cultivation of papyrus focused sustainable materials 1,000 ha Ca Mau from east to west river should include Lai Thanh, Dinh Hoa, Van Hai, Kim U.S., shuttles, farms Dawn and extended east Van Hai to reach output of 15,000 tons of raw rush high quality for the customers rush processing enterprises exporting handicrafts.
On the export processing rush in Kim Son district is considered a traditional craft has been maintained for hundreds of years to develop. Every traditional rush here is striking improvements projector, projector beans, carpet, etc. ... not only lanes for local consumption but also markets the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe preferred. By the 90s due to the fluctuation of the Eastern European market, there has been a rush every mutation direction switch to producing handicrafts including trays, boxes, plates, cups, bags, furniture etc. ... including many types, sizes, and designs with thousands of technical sophistication, to meet the tastes of the European market, Asia, Africa.

Currently, to get a product like that then undergoes several stages: rush processing business combination with regards Vietnam exporters and foreign importers rush to design models according to the tastes of the market school. The number of samples is designed to perform this time there are thousands of samples. The samples were artisans and paste the standards are guidelines for the household. The artist's role is really creative department of engineering technology enterprise.

By this time the order does not matter where that is difficult to manipulate artists do not rush Kim Son. The orders to have the shipment as required technical sophistication, in a short time are looking to partner with Kim Son. This suggests that the capacity to diversify products processing enterprises in the rush of Kim Son district. Thus the rush processing is extensive development of the entire population is very stable. Currently in Kim Son, 100% of the village are involved in processing rush for 4,463 manufacturing establishments, accounting for 50% rush processing facilities in the province.

Art craft crafted papyrus Kim Son, also known by the technical innovation in the moisture and mold for this particular product category. With support from the science budget province, the business has successfully fusing technology applications in brick production line for drying tunnel rush sedge materials and products, while improving quality assurance amount of drying, just to avoid the risk of fire often occurs when drying method applied traditional crafts.
The business has also successfully used Polyascera glue coating product rush, just create a sustainable shaping industrial design, while improving the ability to resist mold, moisture-resistant products. Key technology solutions to ensure accountability for risk shipments being transported by sea thousands of kilometers without mold, contributing to the growing, processing rush in Kim Son district of sustainable development in the trend of the fiercely competitive market.
The consumption of handicrafts made from the papyrus of Kim Son shall comply cycle: Goods of household ---> Enter now to perfection ---> Goods are packed ready to send to the Vietnam exported ----> Goods transferred to foreign importers ---> to consumers. In this cycle, the brand or the product has not often by the Vietnam Import Export labeled. The producer or representative is the only enterprise tasks completed so that the best products, the best quality to meet the requirements of the order.
Producers often fall into the passive voice, only after receiving orders abroad they have real jobs because the domestic market is not large. The producers are disadvantaged because they make products lumped together with other regional products. Foreign consumers know they are using products of Vietnam but also where, by the people how they did not understand.

To remedy this situation, scientists, managers, Ninh Binh Son and Kim are building and program implementation support businesses registered trademarks, geographical indications, built for defense products handicrafts made from papyrus Kim Son. The product brand, is registered geographical indication protection will attract more orders. When it does not just create jobs for the artisans but also create sustainable output, stable sources of raw materials, giving the farmers according assured oversees regional development plan for sustainable intensive rush .

At the same time to promote career development rush processing, Ninh Binh Province has approved a project to build infrastructure, industrial clusters have the same size of 17 hectares Guide serves rush processing. That contributed to increasing income for both farming and processing of papyrus sedge, successful implementation of the goals of economic development - society of the province.

In terms of Vietnam has joined the WTO, in the context of the global financial crisis will be even more volatile, gaps occur, there are many challenges affecting farming, rush processing. But no matter what, with what would have been the last dozen years, hundreds of years, we firmly believe right cultivation, processing and rush in Kim Son district (Ninh Binh) was, is and will be sustainable development.


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