Pretty fake driftwood from job


Since life depends on several rice paddies, a farmer in Quang Ngai's life changed by the senseless body driftwood in the mountains, providing income of several hundred dollars per month

Previously, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung family (town Di Lang Son Ha district, Quang Ngai) farming, income expect 5 star 3 sao of rice and Acacia. His wife works hard, but life is not much better off. 
In the time go for cultivation, he accidentally discovered the dead trees to perennial wood, lies exposed in the forest. Nice find, he carried home, but could not helpless because turning them into works of art that you have envisioned in your head. And so days and months, his home filled with tree roots rough ... 
He said: "Bring on the tree from the forest, free time I usually bring a chisel, carved to form but could not do it, just do the damage. Eyesore Many times my wife that I'd take time to useless things, she took the tree I brought for fuel. sad too, but also had sweet sucking Sapindales do it. "
Listen to more people told to look for a new place to learn then create products, he took the find to much driftwood base in Quang Ngai doing so because they only tell. But where to go to one that is not very salty, almost everyone is holding their own "great skill" in particular. 
Can not find "master", he taught himself with the motto "vocational training". Mr Tung invested more than 5 million purchase of machinery wood trimmed. After nearly 2 years of vocational study, it was not until 2004, the first product of his new start for the oven. 
First, he makes the product simple, common family as tables and chairs. Their products should fancy to many subscribers. When the firm began workmanship, created Tung investment products such as artistic Buddha statue, created dragons, lions ... 
His current base is increasingly getting more orders from everywhere. The lives of his family were wealthy, with income per month up to a few tens of million. 
His name Tung is widely known, many people came to him to learn the craft. Since 2005 there have been 16 trainees, now has moved into its own and have a stable income. He confided: "Those who seek vocational training center devoted his whole hearted guidance. According to her, the first player driftwood elegant, contains many personal philosophy. Persons breakfast is the product the new value "