Rattan enrichment of the People-oriented people in Cao Phong


While the market for products of many villages, the difficulty in bamboo and rattan Cao Phong, Song Lo district still attractive to domestic and foreign markets by focusing on investments with breakthrough depth broke in improved designs and quality products. This is being seen as housemaids many households as legitimate wealth locally. 
By Cao Phong an early October day, looking at the path on CPC offices are spread flat glass and concrete roofed houses, the two, three-story closely along the line, we felt the difference skin changes where the meat of the village. Our reporters at the headquarters of the CPC, President Van Commune The excitement Confucius said: "A few years ago, this place was a poor neighborhood, the market economy has brought new life to the village of we do. In addition to the handicraft industry as carpentry, building ..., bamboo and rattan are considered strengths in economic development in Cao Phong. From only traditional industry with products simply basketry, chop willing, so far, Cao Phong has 2 private enterprises and cooperatives 1 rattan production, creating jobs for thousands of workers with income stability from 2.5 to 3.5 million / month, total annual sales of bamboo and rattan village of over 20 billion. Many decorative handicraft products of high economic value, exported to the provinces of Phu Tho, Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Ha Noi and export to Eastern European markets ". 
According to those who have worked closely with longtime profession, previously, their major source of the commune are farmers by planting cassava and rice. At harvest, displaced people hired, rented hoe in the other country. 80 years of the twentieth century, a number of people hired in the village of Ha Tay, Hung Yen, Thai Binh ...'ve learned and bring bamboo and rattan craft of building, local development. Initially, the product is only used to serve the needs of the family. Gradually expanding consumer market to neighboring communes. Since this is one of the essential items for life, to see this profession can do in harvest time, for higher income compared to rice farmers in the village so determined to expand the scale of production and considered weaving weaving, baskets, sieves ... is a major occupation for economic development. In particular, since 2009, when the rural village rattan New PPC is officially recognized traditional villages helped craft really took a step forward, help solve social work for the majority of workers in local. Currently, 80% of households involved in the production, attracting many idle workers, from the elderly to young children. The life of the people in the village has been gradually enhanced. 
Visit private enterprise specialized in producing handicraft rattan His Most inconvenient, New Village, was nearly noon, but about 20 workers still plying trim, towering clouds strand, woven lampshades each unit, people in the house, the yard, all attentively, carefully. The small space around the production house were he to store and utilize semi-processed products. From Cam Khe, Bai Bang, Phu Tho, per month, nearly by 30 tons of fresh clouds were collected. Through processes like snake scales, beat you, sulfur drying, dried, put into broaching machine and measure the length of splints, in turn shaping the labor and product improvements. In addition to the main facility at Cao Phong with 21 regular employees, private businesses PhD majority has 2 branches in Dai Dinh commune, Tam Dao and Hoang Yen District, Tam Duong district with a total of more than 200 employees to follow season, the average income of workers is about 100,000 / day. 
He said: "I learned the craft rattan exports from the time you purchase junk in Ha Tay, Hung Yen, thinking that there could bring home job development for basket weaving social capital, weaving craft, so after a few months of apprenticeship, taught me about the wife and kids and knitting. initial product is only lampshades, gift baskets khau every square ... When knitting a few dozen, I sold the pass to Ha Tay for a large number of establishments purchase. Realizing that this is a new way for high income more than doubled compared with woven baskets, baskets Gospel ... so many ordinary people in the village to ask me to begin training. 2006, private sector funds have been established and growing market by capturing more provinces in the country and exported to some countries in Eastern Europe. starting this year so far, although affected significant from the economic downturn, but now has signed contracts to export rattan with partners overseas to almost 5 billion. "
If you only rely on a few rice paddies, cassava fields, the family had dreamed Nguyen Thi Tinh, New Village did not think I could build houses with spacious roof, full shopping television, refrigerators, motorcycles back to school raising 3 children kindness today. She said: "Farmers just busy yesterday dozen times on the season, a lot of free time so I get the goods from the manufacturing facility to enlist big do at home. If they are, a month I will have family income of $ 4-5 million from the woven lampshades, each tray, square tray line ... ". 
However, like many other villages, village rattan high performer is faced with environmental pollution, if only expect to "internal forces" of government social as well as the people can not solve decision is. Then, the scale of production was small, the model focuses not produce high professionalism plus the lack of investment and consumption market is great difficulty for the village people. Workers where needed investment planning handicrafts centralized place to reduce the impact on the environment; support equipment, machinery and the construction of concrete roads to the villages with bamboo and rattan craft, sewing facilitate movement of goods and materials; on the other hand, businesses, residents rattan producers will have access to preferential loans for production development and training of skilled workers ... 
According to CPC Chairman Khong Van Body, Party, government social rattan is defined profession spearhead economic development - local society in the years ahead. However, to really develop the village, so to province, district to facilitate loans to people, open additional training to introduce more products for people sample villages, more organized fairs and exhibitions to promote propaganda to promote products. Once you have a consumer market, people can be assured profession and gradually enrich his family and homeland.