Rattan handicraft villages donation


Famous for bamboo and rattan weaving than 300 years, the commune-district donation Vietnamese Yen (Bac Giang) is regarded as a traditional craft villages hold fire. In particular, in the context of many businesses in the country rattan "bad life, bad death", the village donated money also faced difficulties, but the people here have always stayed with the job .... 
Boasting the "brand" of traditional 
About 70km from Hanoi along the National Highway 1A to the north, bamboo and rattan village nestled donation after village bamboo, simple and idyllic. Add to that the naive definition of rural people with passion for knitting as intertwined, creating items rattan famous, has become "brand" of rural private donation.

I have heard and been visited many villages rattan but to gain skills and qualifications are less aesthetically beautiful place with bamboo and rattan products Phuc Tang village, commune Increase Tien, Vietnam Yen district (North Giang). Mr. Than Men, CPC Chairman donation excited "breeze", "Social incremental 5 rural villages, it is almost always made of bamboo and rattan craft. From this job, the food has created employment for thousands local labor, income from rattan accounted for 65% of the average income of the entire society ". 
Visit the village donated money, what we do is impressive, noon bamboo village side or under the eaves, there are many old people, young people sit race "financial" basket, woven out ... 
Mrs. Than Thi Nhung, a craftsman "ranked" in Village Seven, Tien commune Increase revealed: "Here, many families with up to 5, 7 life with a bamboo stick, sun blinds, fishing line ... The kids children growing up in this country have access to the traditional craft of his father since childhood. many you can earn money by weaving to support their families. "
According concrete roads winding through the village, we visited a family of artists, who have long knitting senior year - he Dinh Van Province, Tang Phuc village, commune donation, the first successful conversion bamboo and rattan from the sideline to the main business. "Self-learning, tinkering, to see people here have the advantage of knitting so I decided to open the first rattan factory in society. By 1999, Cooperative (Cooperative) rattan donation was established. Hai, the first three years is very difficult period. guidance I have relatives doing. then purchase the products of the family. During that time, their products are defective or unsatisfactory, whether right away but I still buy and losses. wished people do not quit, "he shared Province. 
Edges are discovered potential, the vast market, he continued to learn province and guide people step by step how to chop shallots to stress the development profession. He proudly Province: "No place can match with chopped shallots skilled people donate money". 
For bathroom blinds, the most difficult phase is sewn and dyed, dye fade so that the customer does not have to be beautiful, so compared with standard color samples that customers demand. That is the secret that he wants to pass on the province's people.

Craft villages rise up and overcome difficulties 
Since his rattan Cooperative Region was established, most of the households in the commune donation will concentrate weaving tradition. Currently people are switching to swab people out blinds and export. Both society so far has produced dozens of establishments, cooperatives of his own Province has 100 looms the bathroom blinds, job security for more than 80 regular employees and not all the year round. 
Mrs. Than Thi Phuc Tang Canh village, commune donation said: "My family both mother and daughter are doing in the cooperative, hard work is not easy to do, it is the product wage do I feel so desire. There are today as many 100,000 / day, overtime shall be 30,000 VND / half cases (2.5 hours). every month on average if I could do it over three million dong / month "... 
Many cases have the whole family working together in cooperatives such as family his province Nguyen Thi Thanh, Village Seven. With a per capita income of both spouses is 3 million / person / month, both she and her husband are raising two children are not small school prepared for college and the life of expensive appliances in the home such as: car machine, TV, fridge ... 
CPC Chairman donation, Than Nam adds: "In previous years, the commune has 15% of poor households, then in 2013 dropped to 5% of poor households". It is worth mentioning that from model combined with agricultural occupations in social rattan donation has made many people in the neighboring communes such as wilderness, the New America ... here apprenticed to increase income family. 
Visit villages rattan Increase Tien, Vietnam Yen district (Bac Giang), a rural riverbank Commerce, has preserved the beauty of a traditional village for hundreds of years, we had the opportunity to see and feel for bamboo and rattan products and beautifully crafted as: the hyacinth vases, pots war, the price of the volume ... highly skilled craftsmen here. Knowing that this village still many difficulties, but the fact of bamboo and rattan, local people donated money has followed the traditional profession of his father's generation ahead. In the industrialization and modernization of the country today, agricultural land is increasingly shrinking, the traditional model villages as communal Increase Tien, Vietnam Yen district (Bac Giang) really helped the country overcome poverty rising in the hands "gold" of them.