Tourist Ben Tre-opportunities for coconut draft


Shopping, especially buying souvenirs, is one of the strengths of tourism. One of the results of exploration of the needs, tastes of tourists, after demand for food shopping; in which the gift shop, souvenir items very high proportion (80% of visitors to this concern).

 This is the field can acquire high net profits, exports in place, it not only brought commercial value but also cultural significance. 

Currently, there are many manufacturers dealing in handicrafts. However, the actual art products - gifts untapped tourism potential which has not yet become one of the industry's cutting edge.

Tourists "blame" souvenir for less in quantity and poor in variety of designs monotonous, yet highlighting its own culture.
Products sold at tourist spots around only: Lacquer painting, hand embroidery, products made of brocade; largely "intact concrete" model of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

Products do not meet the needs, tastes of tourists who want to explore the cultural features of Vietnam. Typical products of each locality is almost none. Introduces beauty products, shades bring folk "Vietnamese spirit" is very limited.

So So today we introduce you to all the product of native art from Ben Tre coconut is coconut handicraft
Ben Tre coconut trees with the cool detachment vast stretches of coconut along with the chamber left a heavy drunk, coconut milk, sweet and aromatic bamboo dock not only that people already know Ben Tre makes great products from plants coconut precious natural resource, and it is the art of coconut products

In recent years, the trend of decorative handicraft items Coconut crowded people more choice for the many unique products, with reasonable prices to meet the tastes and needs of customers domestic and foreign goods.

Besides consumption in the domestic market, handicraft products in Ben Tre coconut is also exported abroad. Forms of export coconut handicrafts mainly through tourism, crafts and fine art from coconut products are considered potential development
Currently, handicrafts items from coconut with various designs and prices ranging from several thousand to several tens of million / products. However, for handicraft items Coconut outreach conditional on the market. Then if you are trading the tourism sector come to our ShopOnline24gio.
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