Unique product from coconut shells


House No. 131/83 street 2/4, Van Thang Ward, Nha Trang is also the "workshop" of the couple Do Thi Tuyet -
Tran Van Tieu. Products made from coconut shell are elaborately elaborated: food spoon, night light, water bucket, wind chimes to the
souvenirs such as watches, dolls ... Ask who is the master, Mr. Tieu laughed wit: "I am in charge of the idea, shaping but
to make the work is soulful, unique creativity is the wife. She hurriedly said, "I'm just a wholesaler, painting a product, a couple
There are some small suggestions to make the product more feminine. He is the main character. " Looking at the couple sharing the same work, I enlightened
What tips have helped them succeed in the profession.

The production of coconut shells to her husband Tuyet quite accidentally. He was fortunate to be an international charity headed
Take some basic techniques on handicrafts. Since then, he chose coconut shells, a popular material in the countryside to create.
Wife is motivated, support his best, he more and more motivated pursuit of passion.
Product code is very good
From coconut shells, married couple artist Tieu-Tuyet create more employment opportunities for women
And, his passion for her was not good at all. Ms. Tuyet spend a lot of time learning coconut, regularly online,
Update product code from coconut to learn more experience. When her husband makes a new product, Tuyet is a purser,
polished, edited to make the product more lively. She said: "Each child born spirit is the chiu, the strength of the couple
husband. By working together, we share many issues in life, understanding more and more mates. "
The dolls fun, lively to the details, the lampshades of all styles, soft lotus flowers ... few people
I think all are made from coconut shells. Until now, the wife and her husband no longer remember how many products, only
Know that, their products are a lot of hotels, restaurants, cafes use.

Do not open stores, advertising or classifieds, buyers themselves know the products of grandparents by the hotel was booked.
Exhibited or decorated like: Sheraton, Vinpearl, Yasaka, Lodge ... Foreign visitors feel strange, inquire should know
Get address, look for grandparents. Mr. Tieu said: "When ordering they just sketched and talked about the product, it is important
how to get ideas, how to make products ... to satisfy customers. Dedicated to his craft, order more and more
Currently, the handicraft products made from coconut shells of this artist and couple are present in the market of countries.
China, Cambodia, Laos, far more than America, France, Canada, Australia ...
It is a member of Van Duc Branch of Van Thang Women's Union, HCMC. Nha Trang, Tuyet always closely with the life of the subsidiary
women and children. She said: "I joined the Association to be closer, help the more disadvantaged. In my opinion, employment and
Studying is a very important thing for modern women. Therefore, I always look for jobs, introducing good jobs
suitable for sisters. The family has the job of making coconut shells, we are willing to teach free for women who need training.