Use the 8 great part of the coconut tree



Coconut water contains many substances such as sugar, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this is a nutritious food source is good for the human body 
Coconut tree, scientific name is coco nucifera, is present on Earth since prehistoric times in South Melanesie, then float along the coast to tropical lands. Coconuts were brought to Europe by Marco Polo, was named the "fruit of the Pharaohs" ... 
In Southeast Asia, coconut is grown mainly in the Philippines and Viet Nam, so talking to people coconut Vietnam almost everyone knows. However, the great advantage of so many different parts of the coconut tree is not one of us knows. 
1 coconut water 
Coconut water is a refreshing drink popular in many relatively well-tropics. Dubbed aseptic beverage (when coconuts are not complementary to), and can be used as intravenous fluid. 
Coconut water contains many substances such as sugar, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this is a nutritious food source is good for the human body. In coconut water has almost all the nutrients needed by the body, several B vitamins and minerals. Potassium and magnesium in coconut milk similar to human cell service so it is often used for patients with diarrhea. 
Coconut water is a refreshing drink entirely from natural 
Coconut milk is also used to make paste dessert called agar jelly coconut or coconut. 
2 Copra 
Part flesh (rice) pure white coconut, edible and used fresh or dried in some dishes. Copra is also the raw material for the production of palm oil. 
Copra is used to produce coconut milk, also known as coconut milk (containing approximately 17% fat). Coconut milk fat, is a major component of many cuisines of Southeast Asia and Vietnam as coconut candy, coconut cream, coconut jelly .... Also, the coconut fiber residue remaining from the coconut milk production is used as feed for livestock. 
Coconut jam, a very popular dish during the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, made from coconut fiber cut, slug with sugar and allow to dry.

3 Dipper coconut 
Halved coconut shells are used as part of a musical instrument as part of the lake and the lake of China or Vietnam man's shell, we are struck together to create sound effects like sound horses. Coconut shells are also used as scoop as materials for furniture and handicrafts.

4 bark and coconut fiber 
Coconut fiber is used for rope, ropes, mats, brushes, mosaic boat and ramming materials; It is used widely in horticulture for filler in fertilizers. 
Coconut pulp is also used to thoroughly 
Bark and coconut fiber can do for fuel or charcoal. 
5 United Coconut 
In the Philippines, it is common incision to remove the coconut inflorescence plastic, this plastic is fermented to produce palm wine, also known as tuba. 
6 leaves of coconut 
Leaves are supply roofing materials, you will meet many of the leaves are very dear house in the South West region of the country, do some sort of baskets and brooms coconut. 
The middle of the leaf veins (flea) hardness suitable for making brochettes (grilled meat for example) in cooking. 
The buds on the tops of coconut trees is edible and it is sometimes harvested vegetables to eat. The interior of the new leaves are large and heart can make coconut harvest and it is considered a delicacy. Tim coconut is eaten in salads. However this type of exploitation is killing palm trees and is not currently recommended. 
7 Coconut Body 
Coconut wood can be used as jewelery or material for some special constructions (the most famous is the Coconut Palace in Manila). The Hawaiian coconut trunk was hollow chisel for drums. 
The nucleus of coconut tree trunks and roots, also known as Coconut Tofu, sometimes also used as food. 
8 Coconut root  
Coconut root can be used as dye, mouthwash or antiseptic to treat dysentery. It can also be used for brushing teeth.