Villages basket to give the busy New Year


The days are holidays, basket weaving coconut stems from two Phuoc Long and Hung Phong (Giong Trom) becomes more and more bustling and busy.

The days are holidays, basket weaving coconut stems from two Phuoc Long and Hung Phong (Giong Trom) becomes more and more bustling and busy. Every year, traditional villages where supply to market hundreds of millions of products. Since then, weaving baskets growing, leading to people's lives more stable. Private households with difficulties, they for the coconut straw baskets as "baskets poverty reduction".
In recent years wind coconut increasingly popular market, coconut straw basket weaving tradition in two Phuoc Long and Hung Phong as is well known. After nearly 20 years of development, the village baskets coconut stems not only help rural people stabilize their lives, but also contribute actively to the alleviation of poverty in the locality.
Speaking of tradition from when the number of workers in a basket where coconut stems are said decades ago basket weaving coconut stems appeared here and sisters in the hamlet self-TV hand craft each other and they make straw baskets brand of coconut lands.
Nguyen Thi Then in the village of Phuoc My Phuoc Long - who had been weaving baskets under 20 years, said: "Before I land at home, partly because more alkaline lands should only be planted coconut appropriate. Idle time, found her son in the hamlet self-employed so I learned then began work to date. Since then our family has added a decent income from this job, so home life families grew more stable. "
Phuoc Long is hundreds of households do this job, focusing on both the US and the US Thanh Phuoc village. Source material coconut stems largely from local buyers. Each kilogram of the average purchase price of coconut stems from 10,000 to 12,000 kilograms of copper and stems from a coconut workers can produce from 10-12 baskets.
The reason for the poor and idle labor at their local "live" with this job because it does not need more capital. House with little capital, the purchase of raw materials for making baskets, but does not have the funds they receive goods from other families about outsourcing. Work leisurely rather heavy, so women or elderly people can participate in making baskets.
Already a yearly routine, time to give the suction basket of goods especially in the months to reach the festival. Due to the festival season demand should increase as gift baskets this season hours coconut products consumed locally, and higher selling prices. To provide sufficient volume of Tet, people here work more busy weekdays.

And in snail (Hung Phong), coconut weaving straw baskets concentrated in villages and Hung Long Hung You. These days, going along the route of the rural hamlet You Hung, Hung Phong, looking at the house always see women painstakingly woven baskets crowded.
Nguyen Thi Nga - who pursue coconut straw baskets were very long time, just cantering briskly basket profession has started the story: "At first I was going to school basket coconut stems from people in the neighborhood, who knows Then just the other person employed to live. Up to now, my family has nearly 20 years of sustained coconut weaving straw baskets, but not high income but also have a difficult time a little income to cover life "- she tells Russia.
She also said Russia, "a stage to give the product basket is quite simple, just staring study will do. Medium to make a coconut straw baskets, I have to spend half an hour clock to complete all the stages as the spokes, column frame, knitting, pinyin, wrapped filming, cracking and eventually finished bottom of the basket. The work is not hard, I work primarily in family leisure time spare time, I work at it. "
Each year, every household here produce about 10,000 - 15,000 coconut straw baskets. For the poor, they do this job but the income is not high enough to cover but also rice in difficult times so that they similes as "baskets poverty reduction".
Hung You in the village, Hung Phong, there are 350 households living, more than 100 households still maintain coconut weaving straw baskets. And now here, there are three base to give the collection basket sold in major cities and neighboring provinces.
Approaching Lunar New Year, the basis of purchasing wind coconut Tran Thi Hong Diep in Hung Phong scurrying to prepare the goods to traders wait yard sale. According to Ms. Michelle, found local people wishing to basket so she also capture and collection for her children and then sold in the city, served on New Year gift. Ms. Michelle current facility is prepared and sold more than 90,000 coconut straw baskets filled with pitch due to her collection of local people.
Over the years, despite the economic life of the people here are mostly coconut garden and fruit trees, but the majority of households take advantage of idle time baskets for additional income. The important thing is that people in the villages do not have to worry about the consumption of the product. All products made by the owners to purchase home.
Not only bring about economic efficiency which has long stems coconut baskets villages here have contributed to the beauty of village culture associated with the development of ecotourism in the garden.