vocational training for the poor, towards sustainable poverty reduction


If done well, will bring encouraging results, the direct impact and alter the material and spiritual poverty. To do that, government organizations at all levels to really care, creating favorable conditions for the implementation of this policy and actively seek solutions to create local jobs for the poor ...

  * Hand just

Ms Ly Thi Sa Rinh, women from ethnic Khmer poor, Binh Loi area, Changle ward, O Mon district, happily told us the squeeze Hand made colorful beads and said: "cuttings from place to place, tui study done keychains, hand squeeze and is preparing the stage as handbags. Now a new study shows tui hard not to be too great, but gradually got used and now familiar already. Tui just wanted to finish apprenticeship, earn money to live is ". From early morning, she soon formula Sa Rinh, house cleaning, laundry, cooking lunch for the whole family to rest assured to vocational classes.

More than 20 poor women, poor (collectively referred to as the poor), in the region of Binh Loi and Binh Yen, Ward Changle join the beaded apprenticeship, vocational training center by the O Mon District combined with the Union side women (women's) ward organizations are family circumstances and wishes as she Sa Rinh. Ms. Dinh Thi Tuyet Huong, class teacher, said: After more than 1 month vocational training, and she was quite skilled and diverse products. To create favorable conditions for the poor vocational training, such as layout appropriate time; point near the school; Teaching thorough, easy to understand style hand only; close, sociable and timely implementation of the policy ...

Brag suit wearing, Nguyen Thi Dung (student household sewing classes for the poor, organized in Thoi Loc Hamlet, Xuan Thang, Thoi Lai), happy to say this is the "first product" of after 2 months of his household sewing. Love sewing capital from girlhood but due to her poor family can not afford Dung apprenticeship so far. This time, learned sewing and sewing machine free to practice, she is very happy and learning capacity is very hardworking, diligent. Mrs. Dung confided: "Get married and born 2 children, busy earning a living, I do not have the time and conditions of apprenticeship. Vocational training finished, I hope there will be more revenue harvest time. "It is also the aspiration of 20 Xuan Thang poor women are learning this profession.

From August until now, Thoi Lai held 5 household sewing class and led to more than 100 poor communes of Thuan Dong, and Xuan Thang Changchun B ... At the same time, Co Do district also efforts to mobilize students to develop vocational classes 6 to 120 poor communes high poverty rates, such as Xuan Thoi, Thoi Dong, Dong Hiep ... According to the Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (LD -TB ESIA) of the city, so this is the first year of implementation of the new criteria should poor vocational training for the poor implemented slowly. Shortly after the city implemented the plan, the selected local objects, learn vocational training needs and arrange the venue. To date, 12 classroom training for more than 240 poor and the near poor are deployed in the district.

  * It should be stabilizing employment, consumer products

In 2 years (2009-2010), the city opened 49 free training classes for nearly 1,200 poor people, giving priority to remote communes with high poverty rates, helped the poor parts jobs income in place. May 7-2011, policies to support the poor and apprenticeship starts. With a budget of over 1.6 trillion from the national target program on poverty reduction, the city will deploy 25 job classes, such as: Clothing, household lead, curling hair, the beads ... for over 500 poor , poor no stable job and income insecurity, job training needs for employment. To create favorable conditions for the poor, vocational classes are held in the form of working in the village, region; apprenticeship 2-4 months (depending on the job). In addition to free job training, each supported 15,000 poor people / day, poor access to 10,000 / day and help with jobs after vocational training.

According to the functions of local industry, the most difficult is to mobilize the poor focus apprenticeship long time since there had hired for a living every day. Mai Thi Nguyen, Mme Changle ward, O Mon District, said: "The income mainly from her job as hired so hard to give up work to apprentices. We focus on mobilizing women to vocational classes and stability are related to the sale of products to the attention her apprenticeship ". The fact is that, the local real interest in equipping vocational, employment for the poor has focused on promoting the advocacy; timely deployment and management pretty good job classes; agreed price reasonable processed product harmonious mutual interests ... Le Quang Hung, officer in charge of training, Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Thoi Lai District, said: "The reason, our sewing classes and lead as appropriate vocational preferences and family situation of poor women. On the other hand, over time, Thoi Lai District organized and maintain good working model of garments for Phu Tho Cooperative (based in Changchun commune) and crafts for Cooperation Kim Hung ... helped many poor women with income. The average income per job lead: from 600 thousand - 1 million / person / month; sewing: from 1.5 to 1.8 million / person / month ...

Ms. Le Thi Thu Hong, Deputy Director, Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Tho City, said: "The policy of vocational training for the poor has been the local timely implementation. The suburban districts like Thoi Lai, Co Do ... has surveyed the needs and mobilize poor communes with high poverty rates apprenticeship participation ... in time to meet the aspirations are appropriate vocational training help poor people create jobs, increase incomes. In some localities, thanks to the initiative of the unions, poor people have jobs and income from household sewing, knitting outdated ... ". However, reality shows, the collaboration of all levels and sectors, mass function in this program are not synchronized, effective tight job after job training is not high, not to build the model group , combinatorial processing products, creating local jobs for the poor.