West Lake Village, the place of origin of Hue poem conical


Located on the river as Italy, West Village Ho (Ho Phu, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien - Hue) has long been known for traditional craft leaf conical hats. Occupation leaf conical hats were formed hundreds of years ago and hats poem - a characteristic of Hue also comes from West Lake Village hats (famous land had many beautiful girls, enthralled by how boys in the region).

West Lake residents are proud of their country of origin where the Hue Cone poem.

Hat poem was born in West Lake as an accident: It was around the year 1959 - 1960, Mr. Bui Quang Bac - a craftsman leaf conical hats, as well as a poetry lover in the village took the initiative to do should poems by cones, pressure verses in between two layers of foil, honoring the beauty of the cone (at that time, mainly in Hue conical hats are sold on the market of the southern provinces).

The first two verses are his silver hat is pressed:

"Who ever dreamed up Hue / Buy the hat poem as a gift".

West Lake Village daughter is ten years old and taught himself conical hats have lifelong career point in conical hats. And men, in addition to farming, they also help women work board or split bamboo leaves to the brim.

With excellent marks trees, they polished bamboo strands into 16 spokes rim a sophisticated way; true then loop round and shiny. The woman then cracked rims and iron sheets. To have beautiful leaves, workers often choose leaves remain green hat slightly, repeatedly leaves hair smooth and glossy.

When building and roofing sheets, workers have cleverly so that the wedge leaves are stacked in layers and hats can stick thin. Sewing (staring) hat is decisive stages of the formation and the beauty of the hat. The mechanic will stitch from the rim down to 15, just 1 cm 3 nose during charge. Coronary final stages of white identity, 2 needle 2 cm apart. Dotted lines have soft and mild, gentle.

When gazing hat complete, we add a cone attached a "mango" is made of polished just to coast, then new oil covered many times, enough sun exposure to hats pretty and durable. What makes the ethos of conical West Lake compared with similar products from other villages in Hue conical shape is slender, slim, colored hats courteous and most especially interested poems contained Hue is set in the heart hats.

Initially, conical poem West Lake residents to donate relatives do not expect to be everyone's favorite. Since then, the West Lake milliner started making hats poem series, on sale at the market. These verses are pressed into cones as diverse and richer, often the verses of Hue.

In addition to adding beauty to the hat that people are forced into the picture of the Perfume River, Ngu mountain next poem. Experiencing a long time, hat poems are proprietary products of West Lake Village hats. Then, according to common sense, the West Lake village girl married to the other country, they bring traditional craft of their conical hats and hosiery poem was widely spread throughout the country.

From the West Lake, the poem hat blocking roads around and become close, familiar in the daily life of every woman Hue. Just simple ingredients of coconut leaves, leaves package, hats poem has become the "jewels" of so many young women.

For many people, for hats, for straps as well as a few fun should not have to do any work to take place to put your own hat with your favorite line of poetry. The instant case, the path of the river as the sun softened in hot summer by slim with long white shirt, white hat and swore hair.

The young face hidden occupancy morning after dazzling hat has become a very impressive Hue, Vietnam was.